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Artists, have you ever thought how you can promote your art to a constantly expanding discretionary market? We have started where we showcase and hang art to businesses, corporations and organizations in a rotational display system.

That's right. Rotational. That means the client pays you to display your art for a limited time in his or her space. Once that time is up, we change out the art. The client may order another work from you to hang in the same space. Regardless, at the same time, we are introducing your work to other client prospects as well in a constantly growing promotional circle.

It works like this:

You send us your art or links. By sending images of your art, you expressly agree to give us permission to show it in an shopping gallery that in turn is promoted to our markets.

Upon a display order, we contact you regarding your price to hang your art for a set period of time--from four to twelve months--in our physical client space. We then negotiate an overall contract that includes your art and installation of a museum style hanging system. Once hung, we reveal to the client the artist and provide any informational package the artist gives to us.